Yeah so appearently some Hindus in India drink bull urine because it’s so good for them and their cancer and diabeetus and whatnot. So some group called the RSS, which is against western influence like Coca-cola and the evil Pepsi has decided to make the most western move ever and go Capitalist by selling people bull piss, in the can. This is quite similar to what Jimmy Dean does when it puts everything but the moo (or the oink, as it were) on a stick for backwater non-cooking retards to microwave after getting home from the Wal-mart.

Thanks to Daily Suffering sacred fluids operative “Amy” for the tip! Got a hot tip? Send it to blogslut@gmail.com !


They call it Mellow Yellow? [REUTERS]


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  1. dailysuffering

    You have operatives? Rock on!

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