Everyone In America To Recieve $62,500 Because We Are Terrible Rihanna Abusers

Public service website of goodness and white hats Gawker.com posted a story today about how we are all human garbage now because we all sold that picture of Rihanna showing how she got all smacked up by the self aware lip scab Chris Brown to the TMZ.com vultures. If you are wondering what that picture looks like, fret not! The good folks at Gawker have posted the image on the story. The image that they did not pay for because paying is reprehensible, but that showing is all good. Then they tell us that we all know more about ourselves now that we know how much some asshole in LA got for it, and we all are terrible asshats, forever. Yeah, OK.


Price of Battered Rihanna Pic: $62,500[Gawker]


Posted By: Doug L Y


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Filed under Bad Touch, Pimpin' Ain't Easy

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