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Hey Look At The Politico And How They Be Posting Ignorant Ass Stories All Day, Forever And Ever

This Is A Prize For "Most Hits" At Politico. Even The Boys Compete Fiercely For It.
The virgins at Politico, who are always posting without their retard helmets on, are cold at it again. I mean not again, but like, always. I guess what I mean is that they are just still at it. Yeah okay here: “The virgins at politico are still at it.”  There we go! This time they are telling gripping two page tales , in the spirit of bellwether bipartisanship, about how political connections and the potential for large incomes after leaving office get politicians sweet deals on houses and stuff, sorta.

  I don’t mean sorta in like where the story is sorta about politicians getting sweet deals, but rather , that it is sorta about politicians getting sweet deals in that all it talks about is Democrats getting them with one stupid little caveat sentence early on in the article.  Here’s how you write whatever you want about a party and then don’t take responsibility for it as an obviously partisan piece right here:

To be sure, neither Obama nor any of his appointees have been found to have acted improperly in securing mortgages or housing, and many likely have mortgage terms that will seem familiar to many average homeowners.

But in most cases the deals or housing arrangements were of a kind that are unavailable to most Americans, a happenstance that reveals more about how the political class lives than about the composition of the Obama team.

Oh Politico! Will you ever get a real actual scoop that you can bust someone out on instead of these ridiculously transparent masturbations?


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