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Sheriff closing in on Michael Phelps, weed fiend

Also great for tailgate parties.

Also great for tailgate parties.

Sheriff Leon Lott (see above) of Richland County, South Carolina, so far has arrested eight people who attended the party where someone photographed Phelps taking a bong hit. Lott’s department says they are going after Phelps because they don’t want to give him a pass due to his celebrity. If they received a photo of some unknown local dirtbag smoking marijuana, would the sheriff launch an all-out investigation to bust said local dirtbag? Maybe!

“There’s no question that this would not have occurred the way it did if Michael Phelps was not involved,” said Harpootlian, who oversaw many drug cases as a prosecutor. “It’s silly that they’ve taken eight kids and arrested them like this. I don’t think it’s a valid use of very limited law enforcement resources.”

Last year he got an armored personnel carrier with a turret-mounted, belt-fed 50 cal. machine gun. Lott calls it “The Peacemaker.”

Thank God, in this age of Obama and the End of Morals, we have a true champion of virtue. Next you can hunt down this girl for wasting precious buds for a YouTube video. For Obama, of course:

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