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Rush Is Doing His Best As Leader Of The Republican Party, But Man, Those Legislators Just Cold Do Not Get It

 Poor Rush! He just can’t seem to keep his new party in line for shit! This time it’s all about how the idiot “elected” Republicans were FUCKING AGREEING with the Democrats about these fancy AIG bonuses and expressing outrage and sharpening their pitchforks right along side the peasants, or “us” as they are also known, instead of taking the natural Republican position set forth by Rush, which is, get this: “be opposite.” I know right? This is why Rush gets paid so much! Because of how he is so smart that he can look at what the Democrats are doing and be all “I think the opposite!”. The problem is, now a lot of outraged Republicans are going to be all like confused because they already acted mad about the bonuses and now their leader is saying that they are okay, which makes them look like morons. Not that they aren’t.


 The obvious solution is for them to start being mad that the bailout was passed to begin with and just hope no one notices that during all the yelling they turned around and started shouting in the other direction. I mean I guess so. I can’t read Rush’s mind, THANK GOD OF HOLY BIBLE FAME.


Split Emerging Between Conservative Media And GOP Leadership On AIG Mess [The Plum Line]


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Venerable News Source 23/6 Will Fail Now, As If It Were Written On Paper Or Something

The ridiculous Huff-Po alter-ego 23/6, which purports to carry some of the news most of the time, will begin carrying less of the news less of the time because internet print is failing so bad.


 In a post titled “Our Work Here Is Done” the bellwether of hilarity posted its link fancy death rattle for everybody else without jobs to read and spend like six hours looking at all the references, because no one has ever seen them before, which is why they are closing so bad. As usual the filthy failure website that is so suck that you don’t even know how suck it is has not posted your esteemed co-editors comments, which is why he never ever went there everyday, ever. But! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is coming from Ariana Huffington’s purse, bitches. See, most people may not know this about 23/6, but its daddy was always a liberal abortion loving liberal whore donkey that totally gave it everything it ever wanted, including its own URL to show the other fancy comedy satire sites how original and funny it was. That’s right, I said liberal twice and there’s nothing you can do about it, but I digress. So. It’s like gone but its not really all the way gone, which is cool because that means we can continue to ignore it now without getting all existential and other fancy college descriptions of how you can ignore something that no longer exists. Daily Suffering, on the other hand, is straight sitting in the cut because neither myself nor my co-editor at large “Robert” get paid to present you fine people with the funny, on a semi-daily basis. So heres to you 23/6, thanks for thinning the herd, failures!


Our Work Here Is Done [23/6]


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