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Rush Is Doing His Best As Leader Of The Republican Party, But Man, Those Legislators Just Cold Do Not Get It

 Poor Rush! He just can’t seem to keep his new party in line for shit! This time it’s all about how the idiot “elected” Republicans were FUCKING AGREEING with the Democrats about these fancy AIG bonuses and expressing outrage and sharpening their pitchforks right along side the peasants, or “us” as they are also known, instead of taking the natural Republican position set forth by Rush, which is, get this: “be opposite.” I know right? This is why Rush gets paid so much! Because of how he is so smart that he can look at what the Democrats are doing and be all “I think the opposite!”. The problem is, now a lot of outraged Republicans are going to be all like confused because they already acted mad about the bonuses and now their leader is saying that they are okay, which makes them look like morons. Not that they aren’t.


 The obvious solution is for them to start being mad that the bailout was passed to begin with and just hope no one notices that during all the yelling they turned around and started shouting in the other direction. I mean I guess so. I can’t read Rush’s mind, THANK GOD OF HOLY BIBLE FAME.


Split Emerging Between Conservative Media And GOP Leadership On AIG Mess [The Plum Line]


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Everyone In America To Recieve $62,500 Because We Are Terrible Rihanna Abusers

Public service website of goodness and white hats posted a story today about how we are all human garbage now because we all sold that picture of Rihanna showing how she got all smacked up by the self aware lip scab Chris Brown to the vultures. If you are wondering what that picture looks like, fret not! The good folks at Gawker have posted the image on the story. The image that they did not pay for because paying is reprehensible, but that showing is all good. Then they tell us that we all know more about ourselves now that we know how much some asshole in LA got for it, and we all are terrible asshats, forever. Yeah, OK.


Price of Battered Rihanna Pic: $62,500[Gawker]


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Politico: Obama’s Pimp Hand Is Strong, But Also Molestive

  President Obama will smack you up if you’re not careful bitches, but you know he hates to be like that so just go ahead and agree with him, won’t you? In a fascinating article posted by the ever balanced, apparent good touch/bad touch expert Andie Coller exposes what many people in the more pro-America parts of America already knew: Barack Obama is an angry black and if you disagree with him or make him mad, things will get physical.

Just ask Vice President Joe Biden, who made a joke about Chief Justice John Roberts flubbing the oath of office last week and immediately felt his boss’s disapproval, in the form of Obama’s fingers on his back

Luckily poor inferior white Vice President Joe Biden “got it immediately” and the President was not forced to begin the troublesome task of having an aid sprinkle baby powder on his right palm with which he would then smack a V.P.

But that’s not all. In a meet and greet with the White House press corp, President Obama patted one journalist so viciously that it was “audible”.

During his visit to the White House press room last week, Obama responded to a Politico reporter’s unwanted question with a verbal rebuke — and a series of shoulder pats so emphatic as to be audible

And this is not a new problem. The American people got a taste of this darker side of the President before he was even elected.

Obama’s admonishing touch can be almost as nuanced as his oratory. Take for example his infamous meeting with Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher in Toledo, Ohio, last year. Joe got a friendly, encouraging slap on the side of the shoulder from Obama as he began to ask whether his company would have to pay higher taxes under Obama’s plan. But when Joe tried to interrupt Obama’s lengthy response, Obama subdued him with a gentle pat on the top of the shoulder, explaining, “I just want to answer your question.” The gesture read, “Please don’t interrupt me,” but it also said, “Hear me out, friend. [emphasis added]

When reached for comment America said that it’s really not a big deal, because President Obama would never hurt the kids, and he loves us, I know he does.Politico


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