Poorly Researched Weekend Round-Up

  • Illinois Senator Roland Burris, who was appointed by scandal embroiled/ousted Governor/hair-o-phile Rod Blagojevich, got all defensive about why he didn’t tell people about how he talked all day like a teenage girl on the phone to Blago’s friends about how much he liked Senatorship and how it wasn’t a lie not to tell them, by omission. He did this because the FBI is about to release tapes of him talking all day to everybody Rod Blagojevich ever met, basically.
  • Failed Republican Presidential candidate and all around wife leaving Maverick John McCain shocked the nation when he toed the Republican party line this weekend and said President Barack Obama, a Democrat, has been a huge disappointment so far. As usual, CNN does the legwork for your faithful co-editor.
  • Various witnesses remarked with ridiculous surprise at how violent plane crashes are. Then the NTSB used black boxes to back that up.
  • Our nations President, who has been black for some time now, took an Illinois lawmaker on a trip to Illinois, because it was on the way, no pressure, and the Illinois lawmaker spilled his guts about the whole deal. This is the second time a honky has burned President Obama after a trip in his pimp ass ride.
  • And finally, this is for you dear readers, to enjoy as a Valentine from the staff of Daily Suffering. It requires a great deal of hard liqour to even… Just read it please.


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2 responses to “Poorly Researched Weekend Round-Up

  1. [i]when he towed the Republican party line [/i]
    Er…shouldn’t that be “toed?”

    And, FWIW, Burris may have been telling the truth, precisely, in that he said he never approached anybody at the seat. It seems Blago’s brother made the calls.

    By the way, I’m lovin’ the blog. I can haz cookie now?

  2. douglasy

    Thanks educated person! The spelling error has been fixed. Here is one half cookie, as I am merely a co-editor. You want a whole one, you talk to Robert about the other half.

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