Sumo chronic



Kelloggs has dumped Michael Phelps for taking a bong hit. The cereal execs apparently were worried that kids across America would be asking their moms: “What’s a spliff?”

Phelps will survive. Seems that all his other corporate sponsors are cool with weed. But what about the Sumo scandal? Huhwha?

In the past six months, four wrestlers have been kicked out of the ancient sport for allegedly smoking marijuana, creating the biggest drugs-in-sports scandal that Japan has ever seen.

Pot is a big deal in Japan. You can get five years in prison for mere possession. Hey, it’s cool if you are are a salaryman on the subway feeling up a 12-year-old. But, for Shinto sake, keep that doobie under wraps. (Did I just reveal my age with that reference?) I’m not going to rant about the stupidity behind marijuana prohibition. But, people, Sumo d00ds have to muster an appetite somehow.

Sumo munchies!

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  1. So that’s how they get to be so big. It all makes sense now. How else could someone gain 350 pounds other than letting their munchies get out of hand?

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