Denny’s feeds America

More, please.

More, please.

If you missed out on Denny’s free “Grand Slam” breakfast giveaway today, you must still have a job. Hurray!

Some are not so lucky. They are the forgotten Americans. Down on their luck. One day they are dropping Andrew Jacksons at Applebee’s without a care in the world. The next, they are waiting two hours in line for what usually passes for food only after a long night of drinking and puking. Google yielded 629 news links to the restaurant chain’s nationwide publicity stunt, which was advertised during the Super Bowl. This article painted a wonderfully bleak scene:

Paris Winslow of San Francisco said he was standing in line because he can’t find work anymore. His last job, he said, was holding signs on street corners advertising going-out-of-business sales, but all those businesses have gone out of business and now a free plate of bacon and eggs looks pretty good.

“The economy is getting kind of scary,” Winslow said. “This line looks like those pictures of soup kitchen lines during the Depression.”

All around him stood hungry people with dogs, hungry people pushing supermarket cars, hungry people with blankets and hungry people with open-toed shoes that hadn’t originally come that way.

The way I see it, this is good preparation for the many lines we will find ourselves in during the coming years of the Next Great Depression.

Mr. Winslow, I’ll look for your next quote at the government cheese queue.

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2 responses to “Denny’s feeds America

  1. fatpinkchicken

    I actually refused to wake up at 6:00 am for this and I had a job so I didn’t wait in a line, later.

    I imagine I will regret my pride when the fall *truly* comes.

  2. Yeah, I worked. But even if I didn’t, the nearest Denny’s is somewhere in Kentucky, which still doesn’t have electricity, so I wouldn’t have gone anyway.

    But thanks, Denny’s, for thinking of me in that generalized, not-thinking-about-the-actual-me-but-rather-the-theoritical-universal-me way that you do.

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