Skynet suffers “human error”

Google went a little batty today, declaring the rest of the Internet unsafe. According to Google:

What happened? Very simply, human error.

See, like in some bad Cold War movie, all it takes is for one person to accidentally push the wrong button and, pfft!, end of the world. Better that than…computer error! But then that’s just silly. Machines don’t make mistakes.

As proven by this other bit of Google news:

In upstate New York, a street view car hit a baby deer on Five Points Road – and then recorded the whole thing on Google Maps.

Google hates Bambi

Google hates Bambi

Dumbass deer. And hate on Google all you want, but not for some dumbass reasons like this commenter on the blog that first posted the pictures:

This is just another reason I don’t like Google. I can’t imagine the harm done to the environment by Google driving a vehicle up and down everystreet in the world. This is crazy. It has added horibly to global warming and now they are destroying wildlife. What’s next? Are they going to start clubbing baby seals??

What’s next? Google declaring the rest of the Internet unsafe?

Posted By: Robert


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