Faced With Budgetary Crisis Like Everyone, Everywhere, St. Louis Elects To Stop Teaching Children, Sell Schools

This Is What Marketing Looks Like In Missouri

Bucktooth straw hat dirty overall barefoot enclave St. Louis has an airport, but that thing is worthless, so they will sell you a school instead, because who needs ’em. But this time they promise not to just sell the schools in black  South St. Louis, but rather to sell some schools in white North St. Louis as well. This is known as “progress.”

The move would close approximately one third of all the schools in the county which, according to consultants hired to do math for the school board, would leave two thirds of schools open, for now. Reached for comment by phone, St. Louis said “Hey y’all! Am I on T.V.?”

St. Louis could see closing of over one-third of its schools [STL Today]
Teachers, parents fight school cuts in St. Louis [Peoples Weekly World]

Posted By: Doug L Y


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