Everyone Should Be In Minnesota Saturday Morning, Early, Before All The Good Stuff Is Gone

  Everybody is so broke in awful war ravaged Minnesota.  While a comedian in diapers and some republican who is somehow even worse fight for the last job in the state not requiring foodservice experience, the rest of the states government has found something new to argue about amongst themselves. See, the people in what we’ll call the “business” party want to sell some stuff, LIKE AN AIRPORT, to business owners. But as usual there’s always some socialist standing in the way, this time saying it’s not a good idea because it’s “one of the best-run operations in the world.” which the other side, get this, says is not true. Oh, you silly Minnesota!

Al Franken Wins, Sort Of![Wonkette]
Coleman Would Have Lost Even Worse To A Non-Franken Candidate[Wonkette]
Lawmakers Push Government ‘Yard Sale’ [CNN Politics]

Posted By: Doug L Y


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