Hugh Heffner Is Out Of Beer Money

  Poor kindhearted farmer Hugh Heffner is all out of money now because no one beats off to pictures on paper anymore. He is infact so broke that he can only pay FOUR Playboy Playmates to come to his fancy Superbowl party in the filthy alligator infested mangrove swamp known as Tampa, FL, site of this years Superbowl XLIII. The libertarians, who are very special because they complain about everyone, ever,  are fine with this as long as he doesn’t ask for a bailout. See, old Hugh was able to afford like 22 Playmates for his Superbowl party last year, but this year its almost certain that his guests will be forced to get secret gloryhole handjobs from “straight” Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Time/ReasonHit&Run/Wonkette


Posted By: Doug L Y


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