“Airhead Execs”

Fancy new Citigroup jet

Fancy new Citigroup jet

I don’t usually care for the New York Post, but they recently scored points with me by hammering Caroline Kennedy SCHLOSSBERG, who thought she could magically become a U.S. senator without having to prove that she deserved it (not that most of the sitting senators deserve it, but that’s another rant). Now the tab scores with a scoop on on the asshats at Citigroup buying a $50 million corporate jet after getting a big chunk of the taxpayer bailout money. The article is also instructive on how not to answer a press inquiry:

“Why should I help you when what you write will be used to the detriment of our company?” replied Bill McNamee, head of CitiFlight Inc., the subsidiary that manages Citigroup’s corporate fleet, when asked to comment about the new 7X.

“What relevance does it have but to hurt my company?”

It’s best not to say anything, dumbass.

Anyway, Citigroup is another one of those financial behemoths that supposedly needs to be rescued because it is “too big to fail.” Meanwhile, we’ll pour more money down this rathole until it fails anyway.


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  1. Steve

    They need to hire me. I do great media crisis training. This would be fun.

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